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We provide professional door-to-door logistics services such as ocean freight LCL/CLP, customs, and international multimodal transportation

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All-in-one High Stability Fast Efficiency

Domestic trailer + booking/customs filing + customs clearance/sea freight + air freight + China-Europe lines/self-operated overseas warehouse + self-operated vehicle fleet

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Africa Full Container Sea Freight

Rich freight resources, stable network of inland connections in Africa, and a team of experienced experts to ensure on-time delivery of cargo

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Service Advantages

Safe and Reliable

We understand the importance of cargo safety, so our self-operated team strictly controls each logistics node and insists on compliance operation, maintaining a 0 detention rate since 2008.

Quick response

Planning advantageous routes, pre-booking, reasonable arrangement of ports of call, customized storage and distribution solutions on demand, real-time feedback on cargo status, and improved transportation efficiency


We always pay attention to the supply chain changes and demand with perfect basic supporting functions and professional teamwork, and calmly handle various unexpected situations at any time to make timely adjustments

Sincere Service

We always take the maximization of customer interests as our service guideline, and develop the best solution that takes into account both time and price for each batch of cargo with individual needs.

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Industry Logistics

LONGYUAN FORWARDING INC focuses on traditional foreign trade industry, providing flexible and stable door-to-door one-stop logistics solutions for traditional foreign trade customers, with services covering international freight booking, customs, international multimodal transport, air freight, overseas warehouse, China-Europe train and other logistics service fields, serving customers involved in clothing, furniturehome, auto parts, outdoor products, sports and fitness, new energy.

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New Energy

LONGYUAN FORWARDING INC provides professional logistics and transportation services for China's new energy projects to open up overseas markets, formulates integrated logistics solutions, closely controls each subtle step in the entire chain of logistics, standardizes the process and operation, and creates more time for equipment operation and commissioning while guaranteeing safety, high stability, and timeliness.

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General Cargo

We have successfully served hundreds of famous global enterprises with professional logistics experience in international general cargo and major projects, perfect supplier management system and process control, making full use of local advantages and channel resources to provide one-stop global logistics solutions from logistics solution design to safe delivery of goods.

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LONGYUAN FORWARDING INC has business in all major cities in China, and can receive goods in all major ports. If you are interested, please leave your information, and we will contact you and offer you our services as soon as possible.



SHANGHAI LONGYUAN FORWARDING INC is a leading international logistics service provider, offering NVOCC, air freight forwarding and supply chain management services for various industries, covering international ocean freight booking, customs, international multimodal transport, air freight, overseas warehousing and other logistics services. 

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