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We focus on China-US door-to-door industry logistics, U.S. FOB/CIF/DAP/DDU/DDP/LDP, long-term U.S. localized operations, which makes us different from other traditional freight forwarders. LONGYUAN FORWARIND INC continues to invest in building the U.S. local logistics network infrastructure, for the effective organization and use of key resources of the U.S. local logistics nodes, in order to create a U.S. back-end resource advantage, established the reputation influence of LONGYUAN FORWARIND INC Clothing LDP, and replicate the successful model to furniture / home, auto parts, outdoor products, sports and fitness industries.

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Industry Logistics


All ports pickup, fast response time

The six container warehouses (Shanghai/Shenzhen/Yiwu/Ningbo/Quanzhou/Guangzhou) can arrange trailers to pick up goods nationwide, equipped with automatic warehouse sorting equipment, providing automatic measuring, weighing, labeling, and other services, with warehouse staff working 24/7, integrated management of warehouse operation and fleet dispatching, arranging loading into the port at any time, providing full services for your collection, storage and entry into the port.


Diverse Choices of Routes and Worry-free Booking

We work closely with all major shipping companies around the world and have diverse route resources, weekly liner to and from all major ports in the U.S. As a first-class agent of Matson, we offer you priority booking, Matson Express 12-14 days to pick up in port, with stable timeframe, and general shipping route directly to the U.S. East and West Coasts with stable schedules. According to your different needs, we can provide very competitive prices and stable and reliable space.


Professional and safe customs clearance, fast and smooth

We have a strict product pre-screening system to ensure compliance declaration, can directly connect to the U.S. Customs system, and support 24/7 customs clearance at multiple ports throughout the U.S. We have cross-border transportation experts, customs team members and a team of lawyers who are proficient in trade and customs regulations and terms to track the whole process with SMS and email real-time notification in order to escort your goods. We have maintained a 0 detention rate since 2008.

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SHANGHAI LONGYUAN FORWARDING INC is a leading international logistics service provider, offering NVOCC, air freight forwarding and supply chain management services for various industries, covering international ocean freight booking, customs, international multimodal transport, air freight, overseas warehousing and other logistics services. 

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