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Self-operated Overseas Warehouse

LONGYUAN FORWARIND INC has set up two overseas warehouses and distribution centers for foreign trade B2B and B2C business forms, which provide services of goods storage, distribution processing, local delivery, post-sale return and exchange, etc. The functional WMS warehouse management system and API docking to major e-commerce platforms, dynamically grasp the progress and completion of orders, and can not only help Chinese sellers realize overseas localized sales and reduce logistics operation costs, but also carry out real-time inventory management and monitoring to shorten the arrival time and improve buyer satisfaction.

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Self-operated Overseas Warehouse


Deeply U.S. Based

We have set up modern overseas warehouses in the U.S. West and the U.S. East, equipped with 4 levels of standard load-bearing racks and mechanized tools such as advanced forklifts and forklift trucks, and have standardized operations for receiving, shelving, picking, packing, shipping, inventorying, moving and transferring, as well as liability insurance, fire insurance, water insurance and umbrella insurance, with coverage up to $8,000,000 to ensure the safety of your goods.
LA Overseas Warehouse: 2440 S. Milliken Avenue Ontario CA 91761 (60 miles from LAX) Area: 72,000 feet
NY Overseas Warehouse: 45 Fernwood Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837 (20 miles from NYC) Size: 57,000 feet


Fast Service Response

IT system, warehouse operation team and 24/7 professional customer service in full synergy to achieve standardized operations, smart management, refined operation, customized services. LONGYUAN FORWARIND INC holds UPS/FedEx U.S. local delivery advantage accounts, loading, pick-up seamlessly, single batch sign out within 24 hours, pick up within 48 hours, which greatly improves the logistics efficiency to ensure that the goods safely, accurately, and timely reach the hands of end buyers.


Customer Experience Enhancement

LONGYUAN FORWARIND INC overseas warehouse provides more possibilities for traditional foreign trade to switch to B2C mode: reducing various intermediate links, simplifying operation process, eliminating the process of frequent cross-border transportation and customs inspection, realizing local sales, local distribution and local after-sales returns after customs clearance is completed and goods are picked up at the warehouse, exchanging space for time, preparing goods in advance for each peak season, shortening the delivery cycle, reducing logistics costs, and bringing better user experience to overseas consumers.

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SHANGHAI LONGYUAN FORWARDING INC is a leading international logistics service provider, offering NVOCC, air freight forwarding and supply chain management services for various industries, covering international ocean freight booking, customs, international multimodal transport, air freight, overseas warehousing and other logistics services. 

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